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Professional group(Each field)


In the heart of the "foreign hospitality", so that it can introduce a wide Tokyo of charm, we conduct training with a focus on role-playing. It should be noted that in the weekday evening Subcommittee, research on the experiences and each time with a different theme of guide experience, we do, such as speech.

Currently active / [Saturday and Sunday] in the 3 Group [weekday night] [weekday noon]


In order to introduce the Tokyo to Chinese tourists, we conduct training. In addition, knowing the Chinese, so that you can share the joy of learning the Chinese language, information exchange is also active.


So that it can even Tokyo guide in future Hangul, is in now seat science. To know the culture of South Korea, often also to know the Japanese culture. Beginners are welcome!

Historical study search

In developing activities to cut the history of Tokyo. While visiting the Tokyo Metropolitan Edo period since Tokyo Yukari of the land and the historic sites of the Warring States period from ancient times, it's studying, such as unprovoked and events.

Natural search

Tokyo garden, search, such as the park, it is the guide training. So that we can also guide you of nature that Okutama, considering the course setting.

Classical performing arts

It is the activities to acquire the knowledge of the Edo traditional arts. Storyteller appreciation, kabuki appreciation, not only learning through the houseboat experience, we guide you through a variety of traditional performing arts information and off the beaten path information.


Not caught in the art of the idea, it has been active in a wide range. Only museum is not a place enjoy the art. Explore the Electric Town and Odaiba art scene of Akihabara, we carry out training to be able to guide you.

Attractions point of interest

In Tokyo there are many places where "Edo taste" remains. Not only the attractions of the classic, visit the history of the Old Town, explore the streets to change every day, we are training to be able to introduce to people visiting Tokyo.

Currently active in 4 Group / [Edogawa Katsushika Koto and Central] [Adachi, Arakawa, Taito, Sumida] [downtown, uptown, "" Tama "


Also in the research there is a wide variety of cut. Writer of the birthplace, activity areas, the end of the earth, such as the location and the Museum of Literature of inquiry that appeared to work, we are guide training members in each of the cut.


"Let's eat the delicious Tokyo!". "Food" is an important tourism resources of Tokyo. How consider how reportedly attractive, conducted a gourmet tour, with the aim of skills of the guide.

Industrial tourism

Tour of Tokyo industrial relations of the factory, workshop, the museums and public facilities, is in training to be able guidance of hands-on guided tour.

Shopping street

Market from the shopping district of downtown, such as the latest commercial buildings, has been exploring the Tokyo energetic of the "mall". From members of the shopping district for the Promotion of Science and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and heard the story, I am also studying for your assistance.

Life and culture of Japan

Tokyo has been working hard to be able to introduce into and out of the people the life and culture of (Japan).

Edo attractions view

It is a group aimed at experience learning Edo meisho Edo hyakkei, Edo meisho Edo period books and Ukiyo-e as an intermediary, contributing to guide activities. Monthly meetings are visits to Edo in city walk. Large family so divided on Sundays holidays Wednesday, and walk. It is a collection of better knowledge of the Edo want to help guide.

Tourism Vehicles

Tokyo public transport, regarded as transport facilities and tourism resources and its surroundings, to develop a tourism course by studying the way of tourism using theseAnd by carrying out the advice of the movement means of public transport such as in tourism course by other groups and collaborate, TCGC and activities with the aim to contribute to the business of.

Explore the historic, heraldic

Let's interview about roots in the store actually about "long-established store" and "Tokyo gift" which keep being loved beyond time together. The noted store where I stand in a row in Tokyo where Tokyo takes pride will be deep-tilled by everyone.


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