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Tour style

Welcome to the Tokyo city guide club.
We offer guide service according to your own request.
We perform tour-guide only in Tokyo area for you to enjoy walking and experiencing Tokyo.
It is possible to offer connecting several areas, such as Asakusa, Imperial Palace Garden and Meiji Jingu Shrine moving by Tokyo-Metro or by Taxi.
In this case, you are requested to pay for the transportation expenses of the guide.
If you have special interests such as temples, shrines, Japanese gardens, pop culture, please let us know. We will convey your order to the nominated guide who have sufficient knowledge which matches to your interest.
Please inform us the details such as the purpose of the trip, how many people are joining, if children are included, etc.
Please apply by e-mail at least two weeks before the tour. We will try our best so that you can have a memorable experience in Japan.
TCGC is a Non-Profit Organization. However, we and each guide need minimal amount to cover expenses of preliminary study. You are requested to pay for the expenses.

How to apply

If you agree with our ideas download the Application Form from below, fill it in, and transmit to Tokyo City Guide Club (TCGC) by text-message or facsimile. (26KB the Application Form)

The tour fare

we have three kinds of tours
1: 3hours tour (9:00〜17:00)1 to 10 persons = 4,000yen
2: 6hours tour (9:00〜17:00)1 to 10 persons = 6,000yen
3: 8hours tour (9:00〜17:00)1 to 10 persons = 8,000yen
※More than 10 participants will be divided into two groups.
※If you want to spend lunch time with a guide, you are requested to pay lunch for the guide.
※Please agree to pay transportation expenses for the guide.
※Admission fee to the facility for the guide is requested to pay by the applicant.
※We will pick you up at the nominated station or hotel only in the central Tokyo.


Contact Us

NPO Tokyo City Guide Club  3-17-7 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku Tokyo 113-0033  TEL&FAX 03-6912-1518